Get the most out of your online experience with AOL 9.0 VR

AOL 9.0 VR (Vista Ready) includes a huge array of features and services designed to offer you the best Internet experience possible. Formally only available to paid subscribers, you can now download it for free.

Features include:

Convenient access to communication tools
Everything you want to do online is built into one simple package, including e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing and more. With Mail on the Web, it’s easy to send, save and receive e-mails from any computer with an Internet connection.

Comprehensive Safety and Security
Help protect yourself against online threats with a comprehensive set of online safety and security tools from McAfee™, including:

  • Virus Protection for your entire computer – not just your e-mail.
  • Spyware protection that prevents spyware and adware from monitoring your online activity.
  • ID theft protection from known “phishing” sites when you sign on with your screen name to AOL.
  • Spam protection that blocks junk mail by keyword or sender, and reports Spam in your mailbox.
  • Web Pop-up Controls to speed up page downloads by blocking pop-up ads.

AOL TopSpeed5 Technology
AOL TopSpeed™ technology can help you reach your favourite Websites faster. TopSpeed Web dial-up acceleration technology is designed to enhance your Web surfing experience - saving time and helping you get the content and information you want.