AOL® 9.0 Optimized Quick Reference Guide

The  AOL® 9.0 Optimized  Quick Reference Guide is a resource which gives you a snapshot of the new and enhanced features of AOL® 9.0 Optimized, with shortcuts and step by step instructions to assist you in your navigation and in accessing these features.  These new features and benefits enable you to enjoy your online experience in the easiest, fastest, and safest way.

Optimized Communications

Manage Mail and Search Mail:  Gives you access to more powerful and advanced mail management tools.

Manage Mail: Allows you to see all your mail in one view.  My Mail Folders includes your mail in the New, Old, or Sent folders, as well as mail in new folders including: Recently Deleted, Saved on AOL and Saved on My PC.

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Search Mail: Allows you to find e-mail messages located anywhere.  You can search for messages by e-mail address, subject, or as a combination of both.

1.       From the Search Mail tab click on the drop down menu to select your search criteria.
2.       Enter what you are searching for in the input field.
3.       Click Search and a list of results will show in the mail listing area.

Saved on AOL:  The Saved on AOL folder gives you access to 20MB of permanently saved e-mails per Screen Name on AOL’s servers, rather than on your local hard drive, providing a maximum of 140MB for your AOL account.  You can even create your own subfolders within the Saved on AOL folder.

 To save an e-mail message to Saved on AOL folder:

1.       From any mail listing, click once on an e-mail message to select it.
2.       Click the Save button located at the bottom of the mailbox window.
3.       A menu will display, giving you the option to select either On AOL or the On My PC option.
4.       Click On AOL.
5.       If you would like, you can then select a specific subfolder to save to.

You can also drag and drop your mail into your Saved on AOL folder or subfolders:

1.       Click and hold the mouse pointer over the e-mail message you wish to move to a different folder.
2.       Without releasing the mouse button, drag the mouse pointer over to the Saved on AOL folder name. 3.       When the Saved on AOL folder (or a subfolder) is highlighted, release the mouse button.  

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Saved on My PC: Saved on My PC is the local storage of mail where you can save e-mail messages automatically or manually onto your PC. To save an e-mail message to the Saved on My PC folder:

1.       From any mail listing, click once on an e-mail message to select it.
2.       Click the Save button.
3.       From the menu options, click On My PC folder.
4.       If you would like, you can then select a specific subfolder to save to.

As with your mail that you want to Save on AOL, you can drag and drop your mail into your Saved on My PC folders by following the same method described previously and selecting your Saved on My PC folder or subfolder.  

To create a new subfolder in either Saved on AOL or Saved on My PC:

1.       Go to the Manage Mail tab in your mailbox window.
2.       Click Saved on AOL or Saved on My PC from the left hand side of My Mail folders.
3.       Click the Setup Folders button towards the bottom of the window.
4.       Click Create Folders.
5.       Enter a name for the new folder.

 With the new subfolder created, you can now add e-mail messages to the folder by either using the Save button or the drag and drop method.

 Quick Read: Allows you to quickly view mail and compose a reply with Quick Reply without actually opening the mail in a new window.  You need a 1024x768 or higher resolution screen for this feature.

1.       Click the slide-out panel.
2.       Double click on a message to select it.
3.       Your message will open in the Quick Read panel to the right (To see the mail full size, either     click the Full View button or double click on the message again).
4.       Click the Quick Reply button to reply.
5.       Type your reply and click Send.  

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Storage Space Tracked: This is a new Mailbox feature that shows your available space when you use Saved on AOL as your mail storage option. In the Saved on AOL folder you'll see an indication to the right shown as a percentage of MB space you've used.  For each of your 7 Screen Names, you can save up to 20MB of e-mail messages (with attachments or images) to the Saved on AOL folder

Mail Postcards and Picture Album layouts: Now you can dress up e-mails and show your own personal style with Postcards and Picture Album layouts.

Postcards are pre-designed, stylized templates you can use in any e-mail. You can then personalize the Postcard with your own message.               

To send Postcards:

1.       Select the Stationery icon located on the mail composition toolbar.
2.       Once selected, the Stationery pane will open to the right of the mail window.
3.       Select “Postcard”.
4.       Browse for postcards using the category and subcategory menus.
5.       Select the postcard you want to use and then select Apply. 

You can also add your favorite postcard to your “Extras” list, by selecting it and clicking Add to List. The items in your Extras list can be more easily accessed when you want to use them again.

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Picture Album layouts allow you to send a collection of pictures in any e-mail with several formatting options, including the ability to add captions.

To add Picture Album layout:

1.       Select the camera icon located on the mail composition toolbar.
2.       Once selected, the Pictures pane will open to the right of the mailbox window.
3.       Click Insert Pictures.
4.       Select pictures from those stored on your computer or from pictures stored on AOL (in AOL’s You’ve Got Pictures® Service).
5.       Select the pictures you want to use and then click Insert. (Make sure to select “Individual Pictures” when asked how you want to insert the images.)
6.       Browse through the category menu for available album layouts.
7.       Select the layout you want to use and then click Apply. 

You may drag and drop pictures in a Picture Layout to change the picture display order. The picture frame or caption moves with them it as well.

(click image to see enlarged view)

You can also add your favorite Picture Album layout to your “Extras” list in the same manner that you can save your favorite postcard to your “Extras” list, by selecting it and clicking Add to List. The items in your Extras list can be more easily accessed when you want to use them again.

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Spam Controls: Now, in addition to blocking e-mails based on individual words, AOL’s keyword filtering can stop spam based on phrases.  Also, AOL’s highly effective Spam Controls are enhanced to give parents greater control. (AOL Keyword: Spam Controls)

To filter mail based on phrases in the mail subject line or body:

1.       Click on the Spam Controls link on the lower right hand corner of your mailbox window.
2.       Mail and Spam Controls window will display.
3.       Select Custom Word List from the Mail and Spam Controls window.
4.       You can add one or more words (phrases) to the list.

As a parent, you can also decide whether to allow your child to view his or her Spam Folder.  By default, Screen Names with Parental Controls settings of Kids Only and Young Teens, have the Spam Folder hidden.

To hide or unhide the Spam Folder for a specific Screen Name while signed into your master Screen Name (or other Screen Name with similar capabilities):

1.       Click on the Spam Controls link on the lower right hand corner of your mailbox window.
2.       Mail and Spam Controls window will display.
3.       Select a Screen Name from the drop down menu. Then add or remove the checkmark in the box that says “Allow this Screen Name to view contents of the Spam Folder”.

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 Address Book: The AOL® Address Book puts all of your contacts in one place.  Contact management is easier than ever with enhanced search capability and improved display with larger, automatically - populated Address Books.  (AOL Keyword: Address Book)

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 Address Card: Now with Address Card, your Address Book can stay up to date automatically. You can share part or all of your Address Book information with the people you want to stay in touch with. Those people can subscribe to automatically receive changes when your information is updated, and can invite you to subscribe to their Address Cards, too. (AOL Keyword: Address Card)

1.       Go to Keyword: Address Card.
2.       Click the Create My Address Card button on the introductory window.
3.       In the Address Card Setup window, enter your information in the Contact, Home, Work, and Details tabs.
4.       Click Save to submit.
5.       Click Settings to choose your Send/Receive options. 

This feature allows you to share address information with those not using AOL as well.  You can also accept someone else’s Address Card even if you haven’t set up your own yet.  For more specific questions related to Address Card, click the Help button, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the Address Card Help window.

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Contact Quick View: For a quick view of your Address Book, you can move the mouse over the Address Book icon found on the Buddy List® window. There you can obtain an alphabetized list of your Address Book entries and can go directly to their contact information.

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AOL® Instant Messenger™ service:

Live IM Video: If you and your buddy are on AOL® 9.0 Optimized, are using Windows XP and you both have web video cameras, you can now talk to each other via a live streaming audio/video conversation.

1.       Click on the video camera with green arrows icon found on the instant message conversation window.  
2.       Click Audio and Video Settings to adjust picture and sound quality.

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Grouped Instant Messaging: This is a great way to manage multiple instant message conversations simultaneously. Now each conversation will appear as a tab in a single interface. This makes it easy to find, open, and navigate open instant message conversations.  Message waiting indicators let you know when you have received instant messages on tabs that aren’t currently being viewed as an instant message window, and you can tear off an instant message from the group if you want to view it separately.  

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To set up Group IM:

1.     Go to Setup on the bottom of your Buddy List® window.
2.     Select IM Settings from the bottom right hand corner of your Set up window.
3.       Select the Filtering and Viewing tab and on that screen, tick the check box for: “Use Grouped IMs to display my IMs”.

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Buddy List® Filter: Have a large Buddy List® window and need some help in finding the specific Screen Name you are looking for? Filtering helps you limit who is shown on your Buddy List window by only showing the specific group that you select.  You can also alphabetize your buddies and filter out those buddies who are idle or mobile.  To use this filter go to the top of your Buddy List® window and click where it says, “Show EVERYONE” to customize. 

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Friendly Names: Replace the list of Screen Names on your Buddy List window with your friends’ real names or you can even assign your own nicknames.  If you have already entered their names in your AOL® Address Book, AOL will reuse that information as their Friendly Name.  Friendly names will be shown in quotation marks on your Buddy List so you can tell them apart from Screen Names.  

1.       To make sure your buddy has a nickname (or to assign them with one), go to Keyword: Buddy List Setup.
2.       Select a screen name and then select “Edit”. The Edit Buddy window will come up. Type in a nickname and then select “Save”.
3.       To see your buddy’s new nickname, go to the top of the Buddy List window and select Show, Buddy List Settings.
4.       From the Buddy List Settings drop down menu leave a check mark at “Friendly Names”.
5.       Your Buddy List should refresh with your new nickname showing (and any other nickname you’ve assigned to people’s screen names). 

AOL® Talk: Allows you to conduct real-time, one to one voice conversations with other AOL and AIM® users via instant messaging using a PC microphone or an Internet (USB) phone.  Phone and Camera icons are displayed to the right of the Screen Names on your Buddy List window for a quick display of their capabilities.  These icons will only show up if your buddy has the capability to make the best use of the features.  The AOL® Talk phone icon will show up if your buddy has the talk phone plugged in.  The camera will show up if your buddy has a web camera installed. However, even if the icon isn’t there, your buddy may be able to use AOL® Talk or AOL Live Video Instant Messages. 

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IM Catcher™ Message Organizer: The IM Catcher™ Message Organizer helps you manage and control all of your incoming instant messages in one simple interface.  In addition to helping you control unwanted messages by capturing instant messages from senders who may be unknown, the IM Catcher™ feature also captures incoming instant messages from people on your Buddy List® window when your Away Message is on.

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Instant Images: You can share digital pictures directly with friends and family through instant messaging by clicking on the camera icon on your instant message conversation window.  Pictures from your computer or pictures that you have on AOL’s You’ve Got Pictures® Service are available for easy sharing.

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 File Transfers: You can share any number or any size of files without having to wait for them to upload and then download like mail attachments.  You can share files by clicking on the file folder icon in the instant message conversation form, attaching the file directly to your instant message session and sending the file directly to your friend. 

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Optimized Connectivity

AOL® Dialer: The AOL Connectivity Service (ACS), which provides the online connection to the AOL® service, has been enhanced for even better and more reliable connectivity to the AOL® service over dial-up and high-speed connections.

 In addition, ACS now includes a new feature called the AOL® Dialer which allows members to initiate an online connection to the AOL® service for browsers and other applications such as the AIM® service without opening the AOL® 9.0 Optimized  software.

Fast Start: Nobody likes to wait -- especially when there's something you want to get done. That's why AOL 9.0 Optimized was completely rebuilt for speed, with a new, "let's-get-moving" feature called Fast Start. AOL components are preloaded when your computer starts up, so AOL launches faster when you click the AOL icon. And if you close AOL to go to another application, the software will quietly preload in the background, so you can re-launch AOL quickly anytime. Fast

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Optimized for Your Family

Parental Controls: AOL’s Parental Controls help provide safer and higher quality online experiences by allowing you to set limits on what your children can see and do while online. There are four control categories: Kids Only (ages 12 & under), Young Teen (ages 13-15), Mature Teen (ages 16-17), and General (ages 18+).   Each basic age category offers a different level of access to content and interactive features on AOL and to the rest of the Internet.  You can also control how much time your children spend online with the Online Timer and receive AOL Guardian reports that summarize your child’s online activity. (AOL Keyword: Parental Controls)

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Optimized Navigation

AOL Toolbar: Now the toolbar is even easier to use and to customize.                                      

Toolbar Carousel:  Provides you the ability to customize your toolbar.  You can change the location of icons within the Carousel, add/remove icons, and rename the icons in the Carousel. You have better scrolling capabilities from one end to the other by allowing you to move through the Carousel at your own speed (AOL Keyword: Toolbar Settings). You can:

1.       Click on the checkbox in the Toolbar Carousel to add or edit your carousel settings.
2.       Right click on the Carousel icons to obtain the edit options.

(click image to see enlarged view)

To add icons to your Toolbar Carousel, drag and drop the red Favorite Places heart icon to the carousel area. The red Favorite Places heart icon is located on the top, right hand side of most windows in the AOL service.  

(click image to see enlarged view)

Minimize for Better Viewing: The toolbar will be minimized automatically when any window (browser, mailbox, etc.) is maximized to provide a better viewing experience.  This is on by default, however if you would like to change this setting, then follow the steps below:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: Toolbar Settings.
2.       Choose when to have your toolbar minimized - select Always, Never, or Only when I have windows maximized.

Web Pop-Up Controls: You can enhance your browsing experience by controlling Web Pop-Ups, Animated Media, and AOL Special Offers (AOL Keyword: Pop-up Controls).  At the Pop-Up Control Settings window, you will be given the option to set your controls for Web Pop-Ups, Animated Media, and AOL Special Offers.

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Optimized Organizing

AOL® Calendar: Now you have the ability to share your AOL® Calendar with everyone. You can access Calendar by clicking on the Services drop down menu from the Toolbar, or you can go to AOL Keyword: Calendar.

Share Your AOL® Calendar: AOL® 9.0 Optimized  provides you the ability to maintain a private Calendar, that only you can see and access, or gives you the option to allow your friends and family to view or edit your Calendar.

1.       Go to your list of Calendars located on the top left of the Calendar window.
2.       Click on the share button to obtain the Share Your Calendar window.
3.       Select with whom you would like to share your Calendar and whether you would like them to have view or edit options.

Calendar will send an e-mail to the people you selected to inform them that you have shared your Calendar and they can now add your Calendar to their list.

(click image to see enlarged view)

Multiple AOL® Calendars: In addition to sharing your AOL® Calendar with friends and family, you can have multiple Calendars under the same Screen Name, allowing you the option to share one Calendar with friends and family while maintaining a private Calendar that only you can view.

1.       Click one or more of the checkboxes next to the Calendar names you wish to have displayed.
2.       Click the Day, Week, or Month tab to display the desired view. Now all of the events on the Calendars that you have selected appear within the single Calendar view.

 The Calendar entries are color coded to correspond to the appropriate Calendar.

Calendar is also available when you're offline if you have the larger version of AOL 9.0 Optimized only.

(click image to see enlarged view)

AOL® Alerts & Reminders: Click on the desired day. In the View or Edit an Event window, you have the option to check Reminder to receive reminders of your tasks or events.  Automatic reminders can be sent to you anywhere on the Internet and on your cell phone (Note:  Text or web – enabled phone and wireless service plan is required.  Additional charges from your wireless services provider may apply).

Intellisync® for AOL: You can synchronize your AOL® Address Book, Calendars, and Reminders to Microsoft® Outlook®, Outlook Express (Address Book only), Palm OS® devices, Palm™ Desktop, and Pocket PC devices.  It’s important to remember to backup your data before you sync (AOL Keyword: Sync).

1.    Click the Sync button on the AOL Address Book or at the top of the AOL Calendar screen. You will be prompted to install the software if you haven't already.
2. Once installed, follow the on-screen instructions to synchronize your Address Book and Calendar entries from all of your sources.

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Optimized Performance

AOL 9.0 Optimized automatically adjusts based on your computer's memory size: If your computer has between 32 and 128 megabytes (MB) of memory (RAM) you will receive AOL 9.0 Optimized with a few simple modifications to the desktop and AOL toolbar removing art that requires more disk space on your computer to run at an optimal performance level. If you have more than 128MB of RAM, you receive the full AOL 9.0 Optimized software with a complete set of features and a more graphical look to your desktop and toolbar. In addition it will include other more "art intensive" features, such as Buddy Icons and Desktop themes, which have been expanded in 9.0. However, these enhanced features will only work when your PC has at least 128MB of RAM.

The following features are NOT available in the 9.0 Optimized software you downloaded if your computer has less than 128MB of RAM:

· SuperBuddy™ Icons
· Advanced Desktop themes
· Animated IM wallpapers
· Toolbar and Address Book Quickviews
· Video Messenger
· CD playback support · Custom flash player
· Fun Mail · Fast User Switching · Port Magic
· Offline version of AOL® Calendar (the online version is available)

AOL Settings: AOL Settings lets you customize your AOL® service experience to better meet your needs. 

1.       Click on the Settings icon on the toolbar to open the Settings window.
2.       Choose to view lists of settings from the Essentials, By Category, or by A-Z tabs.
3.       Click on your selections to customize your AOL Experience.

(click image to see enlarged view)

TopSpeed™ Web Acceleration Technology: TopSpeed Technology is web accelerator technology that can speed up web browsing through the AOL® service by reducing Web page download times most noticeably when you are connecting with a dial-up connection. This technology helps you get to your favorite web sites faster.

To see if TopSpeed is running on your PC:

1.       Go To AOL Keyword: Settings, then select Internet [Web] Options, or
2.       Click on the Settings Icon on the toolbar to open the Settings window.
3.       Choose to view lists of settings from the Essentials tab.
4.       Select Internet [Web] Options to open the AOL Browser Settings window.

If TopSpeed is running, the Optimize Web Browsing using TopSpeed Technology checkbox is checked.

If TopSpeed is turned off, it may be due to one of the following:

1.       You have not authorized TopSpeed to run through your firewall, or
2.       There is not enough disk space available to run TopSpeed.

To find out more about TopSpeed settings, go to AOL Keyword: TopSpeed.

Computer Check-Up: Computer Check-Up is a useful resource area for members looking for information on how to improve their computer’s performance. There are links to resource guides and to helpful tips on how to make your computer hardware and software perform better. 

(click image to see enlarged view)

Low RAM:    In AOL® 9.0 Optimized, we expanded the functionality of some of your favorite features, such as Buddy Icons and Desktop Themes.  These enhanced features work best when your PC has 128 megabytes or more of memory (RAM) installed.  When you install AOL 9.0 Optimized, we check your computer's RAM, and if we detect less than 128 megabytes of memory installed in your computer, enhancements to these features are disabled by default but the basic feature set is still available. We do this because disabling these features improves your computer's performance when interacting with the AOL® service.  If you have further questions about your Low RAM situation, you can call AOL Member Services toll-free anytime at: 1-888-265-4357.

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Optimized Personalization

Animated Smileys: AOL® Smileys have learned some new tricks. Many of them now move to get your message across more effectively.

1.       Go to your Buddy List® window and click Setup.
2.       Click Set My Expressions.
3.       Click Change Smileys.

SuperBuddy™ Icons: AOL® SuperBuddy™ icons are 3D characters that bring your instant messages to life.  You can select and customize your SuperBuddy™ icon by following the steps below:

To select a SuperBuddy icon:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: Buddy icons.
2.       Click on the SuperBuddy icon tab and click to choose a category, click on a SuperBuddy to select and click Apply.

(click image to see enlarged view)

Customize the words your SuperBuddy™ icon responds to:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: SuperBuddy Customization.
2.       From the Text Triggers tab, click on a desired action and then add, remove, or modify the existing text triggers associated with that action.
3.       Click Apply and then click Save when you have completed modifying the actions.  

(click image to see enlarged view)

Set a SuperBuddy™ icon AutoResponse:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: SuperBuddy Customization.
2.       Click in the AutoResponse tab.
3.       ext to the desired incoming action, click to select a response action from the drop down menu.

(click image to see enlarged view)

Snag your Buddy’s personality:

1.       Click on the My Personalities drop down menu under your SuperBuddy from the instant message window.
2.       Click on Snag My Buddy’s Personality.
3.       Check the Personality boxes that you wish to apply as your Personality.
4.       Type in a Personality name and click Save.

Animated Wallpaper: Customize your instant message wallpaper with 3-D animations. To add Animated Wallpaper to your instant message conversation window, follow these steps:

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Buddy Wallpaper.
2. Click the SuperBuddy tab.
3. Choose a category and then click on the desired Animated Wallpaper.
4. Click Apply and then click Save.

Personalized AOL Sounds: Personalize your AOL Sounds by choosing from a variety of your favorite celebrity voices, adding your name, or selecting a sound from your PC (AOL Keyword: AOL Sounds).

To select a sound from your PC:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: AOL Sounds.  
2.       Click on the arrow beside the Change button next to the sound you would like to change.
3.       Click on Use a sound on my PC.
4.       Click to select a WAV file from your PC.
5.       Click Open.

To use a celebrity voice:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: AOL Sounds. .   
2.       Click on the arrow beside the Change button next to the sound you would like to change.
3.       Click on Use a Celebrity Voice.

To add your name:

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: AOL Sounds.
2.       Click on the arrow beside the Change button next to the sound you would like to change.
3.       Click on Add Your Name.
4.       Click on your name.
5.       Click Save.

Instant Greetings: Send online instant greetings to your friends, family, and coworkers using AOL Instant Greetings. There are dozens of fun and colorful animations to choose from that are sure to bring a smile to your recipient! (AOL Keyword: Instant Greetings)

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: Instant Greetings.
2.       Click to choose a greeting and then select a character or scene or to go with it.
3.       Type the recipient’s screen name in the top Enter Screen Name field and select “Next” on the bottom right.
4.       Type your message in the Personalized message area.
5.       Click on the Preview button to view it.
6.       Click the “Available” button to see if your buddy is online. If they are you can send your Instant Greeting immediately.
7.       If they’re not available online, you can send it in an e-mail.

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Optimized Security

AOL® Spyware Protection:  AOL® Spyware Protection is a product designed to help enhance your online safety by identifying and disabling possible hidden applications called Spyware.  Spyware is commonly installed with popular shareware programs and these applications can be used for tracking a user’s behavior on the web.

AOL® Spyware Protection can automatically scan for possible Spyware/Adware software programs on your machine. Once found, it offers notification and gives you the ability to disable them.  You will know when the scan is in progress via a visual aid, and you will also see a results page. The result page gives you control to disable Spyware, but also provide a Restore Feature so you can reactivate a software program if you choose to. 

For detailed information or links on using AOL® Spyware Protection, go to AOL Keyword: Spyware.

E-Mail Anti-Virus Protection: Automatically scans every e-mail attachment that you send or receive for known viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. This service is available at no extra charge to you and does not require you to upgrade or to download any software.  The AOL® service does it all for you.

McAfee Personal Firewall Express: AOL® has partnered with McAfee® Security, a leading provider of firewall software, to bring to AOL high-speed users, at no additional charge, an easy to install personal firewall application. So whether you're using AOL® Broadband or AOL's "Bring-Your-Own-Access" (AOL MAX) plan over a high-speed connection, you can download this firewall protection for free. When you install the firewall protection and a hacker tries to access your computer, you will receive detailed reports and clear follow-up options. If you are using AOL with a high speed connection go to  AOL Keyword: Firewall Express to download the software.

Additional Virus & Firewall Protection from McAfee Security:

AOL in partnership with McAfee Security provides members with additional protection for your computer whether you are using a dial-up or a high speed connection.

Also available for all members, there's VirusScan from McAfee™ Security. Beyond the free e-mail virus scan protection included with the service, you can purchase additional anti-virus protection to protect your computer from viruses that can hit your computer via Internet downloads, CD-ROMs, shared music & picture files, IM, P2P applications, network shares, and even against vulnerability-based attacks (like Blaster). VirusScan from McAfee is easy to subscribe to (go to AOL Keyword: McAfee), download, install and use, It also automatically checks for virus updates whenever you go online, so your protection stays up-to-date against the latest Internet threats.

For AOL members using a dial up or a high speed connection (AOL® Broadband or AOL Max), there is additional protection you can purchase as well: Personal Firewall Plus from McAfee Security Services provides additional firewall protection beyond the basic level provided with the service at AOL Keyword: Firewall Plus. McAfee's Personal Firewall Plus provides an additional layer of security to: secure your personal information, privatize your Web browsing, block ads and pop ups, manage your cookies and passwords, lock down your files, folders and drives, filter objectionable content, and generally put you in control of the communications in and out of your PC. High speed members can also purchase the "Web Essentials" package which combines Personal Firewall Express with the VirusScan protection above. See AOL Keyword: McAfee.

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Optimized Sharing

You’ve Got Pictures® Service: AOL provides you with a powerful digital photo service that provides easy photo management and sharing with AOL members and non-members alike. You can easily add your photos to e-mail, instant messages, the Member Directory, AOL® Journals, and to your screensaver. Find out more at AOL Keyword: Pictures

Picture Finder: With Picture Finder, you will find everything you need for managing your pictures or for enjoying fine and fun photography:

  • My Picture Finder: Here you can find and view all the pictures on your PC, as well as upload them to AOL so you can create and share fun online photo albums, order prints and merchandise, or enhance pictures using the Picture Editor. You can also turn your pictures into a personal screensaver for your computer.
  • Order Prints Online. It's easy to order professional quality prints online of your favourite digital photos and have them delivered right to your door. For only 35 cents a print you can enjoy pictures the old fashioned way! Go to AOL Keyword: Print Store.
  • Digital Camera Center: If you are still learning about digital cameras and photography, this is the perfect place to get tips and advice, whether you're a beginner or intermediate user!
  • Learn More: There are so many things you can do with pictures on AOL and this is the place to learn about them. See quick examples of how you can add pictures to your Member Profile, Journal and more.

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Member Directory: Now you can add pictures to your Member Directory profile!

1.       Go to AOL Keyword: Profile.
2.       Click on My Profile in the Member Directory window.
3.       Click the Pictures tab on the left of the window to add pictures to your profile.  You can add up to 24 pictures at one time.

(click image to see enlarged view)

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