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Get help — when and how you need it.
AOL® is always committed to giving you the highest quality service any way you want it — 24/7.
 We encourage you to contact us if you encounter any difficulties, have any questions or if you just want to.

Here are some quick customer service options:

  • Get quick answers through our updated FAQ reference area.
  • Contact us via email at
  • Contact us by phone at 1-888-AOL-HELP (1-888-265-4357).
  • Our knowledgeable AOL Member Services Consultants are always standing by to help you.

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 How to Get In Touch With Us

Member Services:


AOL Canada Inc. Headquarters:
99 Spadina Avenue
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3P8
Phone: (416) 263-8100
Fax: (416) 263-8102

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Have Questions?
Call toll free,
1-888-265-HELP (4357)

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