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AOL Canada Client Software 9.0

Whether you connect to the Internet by high-speed or by dial-up — AOL 9.0 brings together everything you want to do online into one simple package, including e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing and more. It also features built-in tools that automatically block viruses, spammers and scammers to help protect you and your family.

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AIM(TM) Instant Messaging
AIM® for Windows

AIM is messaging. And much more. The new AIM is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and on the web. AIM gives you:

• Fun, easy group chat
• Instant display of videos, images and tweets
• Social notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AOL Mail and Gmail
• Get all your social network updates in one place with Lifestream

You can also connect your Facebook chat and Google Talk accounts to talk to friends on those services. Wherever you go, AIM is the best way to talk to friends, family and all the people that matter to you most.

Requires Windows XP or later

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AIM for iPad
AIM for iPhone
AIM for Android
AIM for Blackberry
AIM for Windows Mobile

Mobile Apps

AOL has many free apps to help you get the most from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices. Check out the AOL Mobile page to find out more.

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More From AOL Mobile

Send to Cell -- Take your favorite AOL sites with you when you're on the go

AIM® for Windows Mobile -- Stay connected with AIM on your Windows Mobile smartphone

AIM® TXT -- Access AIM using text messages

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AOL Mobile services may require a wireless data plan and charges from your wireless carrier may apply. Not all AOL Mobile services are available on all wireless carriers or on all wireless devices. Check with your wireless carrier to confirm that product use is consistent with your carrier's Terms of Service.

AOL® Toolbar

Keep your AOL mail, search and more within easy reach by adding this free toolbar to your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.

Create, manage, and edit your buttons from one central place
Live weather updates at your fingertips
Anything you need to find, you can do so without ever leaving the page
Add your favorite custom links

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Online Safety
McAfee® Multi Access

Receive cross-device protection against the latest viruses, malware and other online threats for up to 5 of your PC, Mac and mobile devices. You can surf, share, shop and socialize more safely online.

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AOL® Parental Controls

Download AOL Parental Controls to monitor your child's online activity, helping provide a safe, age-appropriate Internet experience.

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Free System Checkup

In just minutes, you'll know exactly what is slowing your computer down. Get a customized report that details all your computer's errors plus how to fix them.

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Download this free multimedia player, with a totally new look, album art, multiple device support (including Apple® iPods® ), remote access to your music and videos, dynamic song recommendations and more!

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AOL Computer Checkup



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