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About Mobile Mail

You've got mail . . . almost everywhere. With Mobile AOLŪ Mail, you can send and receive your AOLŪ email when you're away from your computer. All you need is an AOLŪ email address, a cell phone or PDA, and service from a major wireless carrier.

Mobile AOLŪ Mail Features:
  • Send and receive email from your mobile device
  • Compose email offline

Mobile Mail is a feature of many new devices, including the popular hiptop™ from Fido. You also can sign on from any network that supports AOL'sŪ wireless web service.

AOLŪ Mail for the Wireless Web

This service is available for anyone with an AOLŪ email address

AOLŪ Mail for the Wireless Web is available from the following carriers:
  • Fido
  • Rogers Wireless
To access AOLŪ Mobile Mail, launch your mobile web browser and go to