View Demo View Demo Sign Up Now KOL™ goes beyond Parental Controls. It goes further to protect your kids online. KOL is an online universe where kids can research, discover and have fun safely. And because KOL was designed for kids 12 and under, you can be assured all the fun and joy your kids will have will be worry free for you.

KOL™ is a complete online world for kids. It comes equipped with age-appropriate content and websites built right in, and restricts access to inappropriate content. Still, KOL is flexible enough for you to allow your kids access to any website you want. Enhance your kids' learning and fun with KOL today!

With KOL™ there is no need to switch from your current Internet provider, KOL™ works on top of your existing high speed connection. See for yourself --
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For only $9.95 a month your kids will enjoy:

Homework Help lets your kids search online encyclopedias, Webster's dictionary and receive access to the rich CBC® archives for research.

Ask-a-Teacher lets your kids get in touch with Canadian professionals on any subject.

Stimulate your kid's mind with great interactive stories from our online Bookshelf. They'll even enjoy AOL® First Reads of the coolest new books

Kids can play tons of interactive and popular online games and even get video game previews.

Give your kids access to exclusive cartoons and online videos.

Let your kids create their own customized interface that appeals to their age that easily lets them navigate through this online world.

E-mail and AOL Instant Messenger® for Kids is included with KOL™. You decide to whom they can send and receive instant messages.

Let the e-mail adaptive spam filters automatically route spam mail to a separate spam folder so your kids don't get any inappropriate junk.

KOL™ comes with a suite of safety features like McAfee
Anti-Virus, Adaptive E-mail Spam Filters, Spyware and Firewall protection for a truly safe environment - included in the low monthly fee.

Receive the highest quality customer service - 24/7 - Email or call a knowledgeable AOL Member Service Consultant and get FREE support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you sign up for KOL™ you also get all of the great content and features that come with AOL® 9.0 Optimized. All included in the $9.95 monthly price.
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