Help with signing on with more than one screen name at a time (also known as multiple simultaneous log-in or MSL)


Members on an AOL Max or AOL® Broadband price plan can use their broadband connection to sign on to the AOL service using multiple screen names from the same account at the same time. This feature is sometimes referred to as Multiple Simultaneous Login (MSL), and requires home networking equipment.


While you can have up to seven screen names from the same account signed on at the same time, the following restrictions apply:

1.  Up to seven screen names can access AOL at the same time through your primary high-speed connection.
2.  No more than one screen name on an account can connect using dial-up access or high-speed access from another location at one time.
3.  If one screen name is accessing AOL via dial-up, up to six screen names can access AOL through your high-speed connection if they are using AOL while sharing a home networked connection.

For example, Dad and one or more kids can sign on through a home network that shares a single broadband connection.  At the same time, Mom could connect from work through a dial-up or LAN connection. A second family member could not sign on from a friend's house until mom signed off from work, since that would be a third connection.

Having trouble with multiple screen names?

Here are some possible solutions:

-          You may be trying to use more than one dial-up (phone line) connection. Multiple screen name sign on is limited to only one dial-up connection at a time. Other connections must be through a broadband connection. You must sign off from one dial-up connection before you can begin another.

-          You may be trying to sign in from more than two separate locations. Multiple login is primarily designed for users of home networks. It is not designed to enable more than two locations to support connections to AOL -- even if they are not dial-up connections. If you want to connect more than one computer in your house to AOL over your broadband connection, you should consider setting up a home network. Speak to your high-speed Internet Service Provider for details as your home networking set-up will need to be compatible with their connection equipment.

-          Only members on our AOL Max (previously known as “BYOA”) or AOL® Broadband plans have access to this feature. To sign up for AOL Max, click here.


If you have questions about Multiple Simultaneous Login, you can call AOL Member Services toll-free anytime day or night, seven days a week: 1-800-AOL-HELP (265-4357).


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