Changing your password

To change your password

1. In the AOL toolbar, click Settings.
2. In the By Category tab, select Account An Account is your relationship with AOL. It is generally represented by the first screen name (Primary Master Screen Name) you created when you became an AOL member. You must be 18 years old to register for an AOL Account. Once you have registered for an account you can create up to seven screen names for your family. and Billing.
3. Select Password Reset.
4. In the Change Your Password window, click Change Password.
5. In the Current Password box, type the password you wish to change.
6. Under Enter new password twice, type your new password in both boxes.
7. Click Change Password.
8. Click OK.


Anyone who knows your password and screen name A Screen Name is your online identity. It is also your e-mail address and publicly identifies you anytime you communicate with others online in public areas like chat rooms and message boards. By using a screen name, you can keep in touch with friends & family or make new friends in many areas. can sign on to your account. No one from AOL will ever ask you for your password (or your credit card number). You should never reveal your password to anyone.
Use different passwords for each screen name on your account.
Never download files A File is an electronic document which can be text, pictures, sounds, videos or whole programs. Reminder: Never download files from someone you don't know. Files may contain dangerous Trojan Horse programs that may capture your AOL password, severely damage your computer, or contain objectionable graphics. To report a violation in an attached file, please forward the e-mail to screen name TOSReports. attached to e-mail E-mail is typically a one-to-one communications system. With an AOL screen name, you can e-mail with other AOL and Internet users. from someone you don't know. These files may contain "Trojan Horse" programs that can give your password to scam artists without your knowledge.
You should change your password frequently.
Report all e-mail password solicitations by clicking Forward and sending the e-mail to screen name TOS Reports. Report other password solicitations -- via Instant Messages The Instant Message feature allows you to have immediate, one-on-one, private chats in real time with other AOL members who are online at the same time as you (or with non-AOL members using the AOL Instant Messenger (TM) service)., for example -- at AOL Keyword: Notify AOL.

If you are tricked into revealing your password

Online scam artists can succeed in tricking even the most seasoned cyber-veteran. If this happens to you, change your password immediately. Also change the passwords for any other screen names on your account.

f you downloaded a suspicious file and think you may have a Trojan Horse program, call AOL Customer Service immediately at 1-800-AOL HELP (265-4357