Creating a new screen name

Each AOL account An Account is your relationship with AOL. It is generally represented by the first screen name (Primary Master Screen Name) you created when you became an AOL member. You must be 18 years old to register for an AOL Account. Once you have registered for an account you can create up to seven screen names for your family. can have up to seven screen names at any one time. The first screen name A Screen Name is your online identity. It is also your e-mail address and publicly identifies you anytime you communicate with others online in public areas like chat rooms and message boards. By using a screen name, you can keep in touch with friends & family or make new friends in many areas. you chose when you created your AOL account is your primary master screen name and cannot be deleted or changed. Other screen names that you create can be deleted at any time.

To create a new screen name on your AOL account

1. Sign on to AOL with a master screen name.
2. On the AOL toolbar, click Settings.
3. In the By Category tab select Account & Billing.
4. Select Screen Names.
5. In the AOL Screen Names window, click Create a screen name.
6. Read and follow the instructions for creating a screen name, selecting a password, and designating the Parental Controls category for the new screen name.


Screen names can be from three to sixteen characters (letters, numbers, and/or spaces) long. The first character in a screen name must be a letter, and will be capitalized automatically.
If the screen name you select is already in use, AOL will suggest a screen name for you. If you do not like the suggestion, just delete the suggested screen name and try again. There is no limit on how many times you can try different names.
AOL reserves the right to delete any screen name it deems to be vulgar or sexually explicit.