The AOL toolbar

The row of colourful icons near the top of your AOL screen is called the Toolbar.  The Toolbar is divided into five sections: Mail , People , Services Settings and Favourites.  
From left to right, the menus and icons on the tool bar are:  Mail menu Click the Mail menu to access your Address Book, mail retrieved by Automatic AOL, or to set up signatures for your e-mail E-mail is typically a one-to-one communications system. With an AOL screen name, you can e-mail with other AOL and Internet users., mail controls Mail Controls are Custom Controls that specify people with whom the user can exchange e-mail. Mail Controls must be set using a master screen name. Parents can use Mail Controls to determine who can and cannot send e-mail to their child's screen name., or mail preferences.
(mailbox) Click Read to open your online mailbox, where you can read new   mail, old mail, and mail you've sent.
(pad and pencil) Click Write to display a blank e-mail form. Use this to create and send an e-mail message.  People menu
Click the People menu to access the features of AOL and the Web that will connect you with other people online.
(person running) Click IM to open the Send Instant Message window and send an Instant Message note.
Chat A Chat is a real-time, online conversation with groups of members through People Connection rooms, conference rooms, live online events, and rooms created privately by members.
(group of people) Click Chat to enter an AOL chat room and converse online with others in real time.  Services menu
Click Services to access everything from Dictionaries, to Maps/Directions and Business or People Finder(s). Lots of links to other helpful services on AOL and the Web. Shop Click Shop to access AOL's great offering of brand name online merchants at SHOP@AOL.
Internet The Internet is a world-wide network of computers that allows people to send e-mail, browse and create Web pages, communicate in chat rooms and instant messages, and much more. AOL offers access to the World Wide Web through direct hyperlinks, AOL Search, and Keywords. Reminder: Some Internet content may contain objectionable material.
Click Internet to start the Web browser and go to AOL Keyword: Internet.  Settings menu
Click Settings to perform such account-related activities as changing your preferences, creating a screen name A Screen Name is your online identity. It is also your e-mail address and publicly identifies you anytime you communicate with others online in public areas like chat rooms and message boards. By using a screen name, you can keep in touch with friends & family or make new friends in many areas., deleting a screen name on your account An Account is your relationship with AOL. It is generally represented by the first screen name (Primary Master Screen Name) you created when you became an AOL member. You must be 18 years old to register for an AOL Account. Once you have registered for an account you can create up to seven screen names for your family., changing your AOL password, or setting up the Parental Controls feature.
AOL Help
(question mark) Click AOL Help to learn more about using your favourite AOL features.
Click the Favourites menu to access to the sites you have marked as Favourite Places.
My Favourites
(folder with a heart) Click My Favourites to open the Favourite Places window.  You can leave this window open while you are online, if you like, for even quicker access to your Favourite Places.  Banking
Click here to go to AOL Keyword: Banking for all your online baking needs.   Perks Click here to see the list of AOL Perks for Members.  Parental Controls Click here to configure Parental Controls for the safety and security of your kids online.
You can add an icon to the toolbar (providing your screen resolution is set higher than 640X480) by dragging the Favourite Places heart from an online area to the Favourites section.