Choosing my Expressions elements

To find an Expression

AOL offers a wide choice of Expressions: Buddy Icons, Wallpaper, Sounds, Smileys, and AOL Desktops and Sounds. You can find a selection that suits you in the following way:

1. Open the AOL Expressions window by clicking the Expressions icon on the Toolbar or by selecting the My Expressions button in your IM window.
2. Click the Personality tab to select a Buddy Icon, Buddy Wallpaper, Buddy Sound, or Smiley style.
3. Click the Environment tab to select a desktop theme or AOL sound.
4. Locate the Expression you want to work with and select the Change button.
5. Select a category from the list on the left and a sub-category from the list in the middle.
6. Select an Expression from one of the group displayed on the right.
7. Click Save.