About Member Directory


The Member Directory The Member Directory is a collection of profiles about AOL members. Profiles listed in the Member Directory are created voluntarily by AOL members. They can be updated or removed at any time. Kids Only and Young Teen screen names do not have access to the AOL Member Directory is a searchable database that helps you locate others who have similar interests and hobbies. AOL Members who have not created a profile do not appear in the search results.




How do I create a Member Profile
Creating a Member Profile is a great way to let other AOL members learn more about you.
To create a member profile

1. On the People menu, click Member Directory.
2. On the Search Profiles window, click My Profile.
3. Type your name and as much other information that you want people to know about you. Use the tabs to enter different types of information.

When you are finished, click Save.



- You can also view your profile by clicking My Directory Listing on the Settings menu.

- Your profile will be available to the full AOL community. You should not include personal information that you would like to keep private such as your full name, telephone numbers or street address.
- You can use the style toolbar to change the typeface and colors that will be shown in your profile.
- To participate in AOL Match Chat A Chat is a real-time, online conversation with groups of members through People Connection rooms, conference rooms, live online events, and rooms created privately by members., click the At sign-on, invite me to chat with AOL members who share my hobbies and interests check box. Every time you sign on, AOL will automatically compare your hobbies and interests to other people signed on to the AOL service right then. When we find a match, we'll let you know and you can begin chatting.
- To make it easy for members to visit to your AOL Hometown AOL Hometown is a listing of home pages of AOL members who want to share their interests and information with others. Anyone using AOL or browsing the Internet can view the home pages posted here. Through AOL Hometown, AOL members can also create a home page. Because AOL Hometown displays the screen names of members who create pages, Kids Only and Young Teen screen names do not have access to AOL Hometown.screen names do not have access to AOL Hometown Web page, click Include a link to my AOL Hometown home page in my member profile check box. AOL will search for your page and include a link right in your profile.

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How do I find Members using Search


Searching the Member Directory is a great way to quickly find new friends on AOL who share similar interests.


To search for Member Profiles

1. On the People menu, click Member Directory.

2. Do one of the following:

3. Click Search.

4. On the Search Results window, select a name and then click View Profile to see that memberīs profile. Click Send Mail or Send IM to start talking to the person instantly. Click Locate Member to determine whether the member is online and, if so, any chat room they are in.


- Click the check box next to Only show me AOL members who are currently online if you want the search results to list only members who are signed on to the AOL service.

- For more searching options, click the Show Advanced Search link.

- Your screen name A Screen Name is your online identity. It is also your e-mail address and publicly identifies you anytime you communicate with others online in public areas like chat rooms and message boards. By using a screen name, you can keep in touch with friends & family or make new friends in many areas. is not listed in the Member Directory until you create a directory listing.


Search Tips

Spaces are NOT ignored. A space in a search phrase is treated as an "AND" expression (see Boolean Expressions below).  Therefore, the search phrase "horse riding" is actually used as if "horse AND riding" was entered.

Your search words must be at least three characters long.

Boolean Expressions can be used to refine your searches. Valid phrases can contain the following expressions:

AND - Finds profiles that contain BOTH words (or phrases). (Example: "baseball AND John" will only find profiles containing both "baseball" and "John").

OR - Finds profiles that contain EITHER word. (Example: "baseball OR John" will find profiles that contain either of those words).

NOT - Finds profiles that DO NOT contain the word. (Example: "baseball AND John NOT football" will find profiles that contain the words "baseball" and John" but omits those that also mention "football").

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What does the full Member Profile window show?


A Member Profile displays personal information such as name, location, gender, marital status, hobbies and more, volunteered by the member who created it. The following information is displayed on the full Member Profile:




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Can I view more information about my Online Buddies?

The AOL Buddy Info feature makes it easy to quickly view more information about and communicate with people you meet online.


To view a person's Buddy Info


You can view a person's Buddy Info from many places on the AOL service:




To start/block an online conversation with a person from the Buddy Info window


To change the information and appearance of your own Buddy Info

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