Sending Blind Copies of your email

Send blind copies of your e-mail E-mail is typically a one-to-one communications system. With an AOL screen name, you can e-mail with other AOL and Internet users. when you do not want the primary addressee(s) to know that you have sent the e-mail to anyone else.

To send a blind copy

1.  Click the Write icon on the AOL toolbar.
2.  In the Send To: box in the Write Mail window, type the e-mail address(es) of the primary recipient(s).  
3.  In the Copy To: box, type the e-mail address(es) of the recipient(s) of blind copies in parentheses.

For example:  (aolmember1, aolmember2, aolmember3)

4.  In the Subject: box, type a subject line for your e-mail.
5.  In the message box, type your e-mail message.
6.  When you have finished, click Send Now.  (Or click Send Later, if you are offline.)

- All of the recipients of your e-mail can received blind copies: you do not have to designate a primary recipient.
- Recipients of blind copies will not see the names of others who received blind copies.
- As the sender of the e-mail, you will always see all names on the e-mail (even those who received blind courtesy copies) -- whether you look in your online mailbox, or in your offline mailbox, or if one of the e-mail recipients forwards a copy of the e-mail back to you.