Determining if your email has been read

To determine if your e-mail E-mail is typically a one-to-one communications system. With an AOL screen name, you can e-mail with other AOL and Internet users. has been read

1.  On the Mail menu on the AOL toolbar, point to Read Mail and then click Sent Mail.
2.  Click once on a piece of e-mail to select it.
3.  Click Status.


- You can only check the status of e-mail sent to other AOL members; not Internet The Internet is a world-wide network of computers that allows people to send e-mail, browse and create Web pages, communicate in chat rooms and instant messages, and much more. AOL offers access to the World Wide Web through direct hyperlinks, AOL Search, and Keywords. Reminder: Some Internet content may contain objectionable material. addresses.
- You can also request a return receipt for e-mail sent to other AOL members.