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AOL Instant Messenger 4.7TM, fondly known by its nickname, "AIM," is a free service used by over 85 million people to stay in contact and communicate instantly. To ensure privacy with AOL Instant MessengerTM, please use the privacy settings.

You can send instant messages to anyone who has signed up for the AOL ® Instant MessengerTM service, or anyone who subscribes to America Online or Compuserve 2000.

What's New in AIM 4.7:
Now do even more with the AOL Instant Messenger™. These new dynamic features make messaging even easier and more fun!

New Buddy List™ Preference Options:
It's now easier than ever to set and modify your AIM preferences. With just a few clicks in the easy-to-navigate list, you can edit preferences for your Buddy List, privacy, away messages and more.

With this release you can now specify whether you want to sign off when you close your Buddy List, and if you want to hide the taskbar button when the Buddy List window is minimized.

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Send IM Greetings:
Now you can use AIM to send instant online greetings for birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries, and other special occasions. You can choose the recipient from your buddy list and the greeting notification will arrive in an instant message.

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Send Your Buddy List To A Friend:
With the new Send Buddy List feature, you can send all or just parts of your Buddy List to friends, family or co-workers. This can help your buddies who are new users get up-to-speed quickly with the service.

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Add Buddy Comments:
This feature allows you to add comments, such as real names and birthday information, to individual buddy names on your Buddy List. With Buddy Lists growing longer and screen names getting even more creative, this feature will help you keep track of each individual on your Buddy List.

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HTTP Proxy Support:
With HTTP proxy support, AIM 4.7 makes it easier for users to connect to the AIM service from work and corporate environments.

You can access the Connection Preferences window from the Connection button on the Sign-on Preferences window ( My AIM > Edit Options > Edit Preferences > Sign On). Once you are viewing the Connection preferences window, you will need to:

  1. Check the "Connect using Proxy" check box.
  2. Select the "HTTP" Protocol radio button.
  3. Fill in the Host Proxy Server text field. You can simply copy and paste your Internet Explorer browser proxy server connection settings (Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings).
  4. Click the "OK" button."

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