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  About AOL Instant Messenger What Is Instant Messaging?
Instant messaging is a convenient way to see when friends and family are online and communicate with them in real time. It's faster than e-mail and more convenient than picking up the phone.

New Users Click HereUpgrade To AIM 6.0 Now What is AOL Instant Messenger 6.0?
The AOL® Instant Messenger™ (AIM) service provides the easiest way to let you communicate with your friends. AIM lets you:
  • Add buddies to your Buddy List and set buddy alerts to be notified when your buddies sign on. You can also share your Buddy List with family and friends.
  • Send instant messages and online greetings to your buddies.
  • Call your buddies and talk PC to PC.
  • Chat with groups of friends or family members in your own private chat room.
  • Get the latest news, stock quotes (delayed 15 minutes) and set alerts.
  • Set Mail alerts and read mail in any of your e-mail accounts.
  • Send E-Mail and Edit your Address Book.
  • Transfer files or send pictures and sound files.
  • Control who communicates with you through the buddy privacy feature. You can allow anyone to send you messages or block messages from specific people.
  • Find your buddies by e-mail address, by name and e-mail address, or by common interest.
  • Invite a friend to sign up for the AOL Instant Messenger service.
  • Create a personal profile.
  • Use buddy icons to liven up your instant message sessions (cartoon characters, symbols, and pictures) to represent buddies.
  • Warn users who send you annoying or offensive messages.
  • Use Linked Accounts to appear online simultaneously with multiple screen names.
It takes about 10 minutes to download this free program over a standard, 28.8 computer modem and telephone line. The installation process takes about three minutes, and it's easy to add your friends' screen names to your Buddy List™. Then you're all set to send instant messages!

Click here to get AIM now. What is AIM Express?
AIM Express enables you to send instant messages when you are away from your main computer. With AIM Express, you can send instant messages directly from a Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's private and free. To use AIM Express, you must have an AOL account or be a registered AIM user.

Learn more about AIM Express.