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What Is Instant Messaging?
Instant messaging is a convenient way to see when friends and family are online and communicate with them in real time. Its faster than e-mail and more convenient that picking up the phone.

What is AOL Instant Messenger 4.7?
AOL Instant Messenger is a free software program that lets you:

  • Receive instant alerts
  • Send instant messages
  • Share photos, pictures and sounds
  • Enjoy live conversations online - FREE
  • Access your complete and combined buddy list from any computer you use
  • Chat with friends and family or people with similar interests
  • Send IM Greetings
  • Send your Buddy List to a friend
  • Play online games against your AIM Buddies
  • Stay on top of the latest Canadian news and stocks

It takes about 10 minutes to download this free program over a standard, 28.8 computer modem and telephone line. The installation process takes about three minutes, and it's easy to add your friends' screen names to your Buddy ListTM. Then you're all set to send instant messages!

What is AIM Express?
AIM Express, formerly known as Quick Buddy, enables you to send instant messages when you are away from your main computer. With AIM Express, you can send instant messages directly from a Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's private and free. To use AIM Express, you must have an AOL account or be a registered AIM user.

What is AIM Remote?
The AIM Remote is a fun addition to your personal web page. Once you've added AIM Remote to your web page, visitors can easily contact you by sending an instant message or email. Its also an easy way for family and friends to add you to their AIM Buddy List.

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