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AIM is better than ever! Faster, lighter, and with great new features to help you get organized. Now you can use AIM to chat with your Facebook friends - chat with them in AIM whether they’re AIM users or not.

The new Lifestream tab lets you get all your social network updates in one place. Say it once and send it everywhere! Comment, like and update your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter status – all from AIM.

Not interested in Lifestream? Not a problem, just click the menu on the Lifestream tab to hide the new Lifestream and Me features.

  • Features:
  • Chat with your AIM Buddies, Facebook friends and Google talk buddies.
  • Get your updates from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more.
  • Comment, like and update your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace status right from AIM.
  • Upload and crop your picture to create a cool buddy icon, or change your color scheme to style your Buddy List.

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Version: AIM 7.5. 9.1 (last updated 01/10/11) | Platform: Windows(R): 2K or higher | System Requirements: Windows: 2K or higher, Internet Explorer 6(R), optimized for Internet Explorer(R) 7+, 128MB RAM and 512MB for Enhanced IM functionality Adobe Flash, Microphone/speaker or headset for Talk functionality, Broadband recommended for Live Video Chat

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